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Top FIVE Artistic Tattoos

Now why have i picked this as my first post about creativity on this site?

Well it’s not because i am a tattoo junkie (i don’t have any).. BUT i HAVE witnessed many a tattoo and i am blown away by the talent of some of these tattoo artists.

I mean what they do with their cutting tools and are able to put on the canvass of human skin is way better than many top artists can do on the normal painters canvass.

Just take a look at the intricacy of these five:

1. Wooden carved leg –  my personal favourite: tattoo






2. Bionic Arm:








3. Eye neck:
tats 5







4. Gladiator arm:






5. Walking the plank is ‘back’:








Personally i would not have a tattoo since my mood and choice of art changes all the time. I would dread to have something permanent which i MAY want to be rid of later.
(maybe more like i have a low pain thresh hold, but don’t tell anyone)
So this is just the start of a string of creativity posts…

Give us your opinion and comments below…

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