God – The ultimate Creator

Only Humans can be Pro-Active…

All other animals are Reactive as is in their nature. Sometimes they SEEM to be pro-active but actually they are being RE-ACTIVE to their genetic code, their instinct, their make-up. They are NOT consciously making choices like humans make conscious choices. Yes they are awake but it is instinct that really drives their decisions (choices) .. It is instinct that is driving them whereas Humans can make a clear CHOICE based on what HIS own INDEPENDENT desire are. It is his own WILL that drives him (free of instinct or genetic build up)

When we surrender to GOD we can proactively make a choice to follow HIS will and NOT our own. Something an animal could NEVER do.

My First Talk To Christians:

A human brain is very, very different from any other animal’s brain. A human brain has a belief function inbuilt.

The default belief when we are born (or 2 to 4 yrs old) is “i don’t know” immediately followed by ‘but i need to find out’. So the in-built function default NEEDS to be satisfied, NEEDS to know.

So our subconscious mind goes searching for the answers.. Sometimes it reveals itself to the conscious mind as a question virtually ALL humans ask themselves at some point in their lives. Such questions as “who am i?” Why am i here?”

This is actually God’s way of allowing Humans to consciously be aware of the default belief function.. ie “I NEED AN ANSWER”.

and so when someone says i don’t believe in God or anything it means they believe in “No God”,  they have faith that we were either randomly evolved OR they may say they have no thought’s or interest on the matter.. except .. THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE . . .  because THE DEFAULT INBUILT BELIEF FUNCTION WON’T ALLOW THIS. GOD HAS MADE IT A MUST FOR US TO GO SEARCHING.

Many resist this question and make huge efforts to erase the default belief function, and many find or make up an answer to somewhat SATISFY the inbuilt function.

I used to make up a scenario or try to work it out and then to satisfy my belief function i came up with the answer:  “i believe in an infinite intelligence” OR – NATURE –

As i said We ALL have to believe in something because it is inbuilt in our ‘nature’ to do so. To resist this is futile and will leave a life full of emptiness and at any quiet moment.. a feeling of futility.

Now you may not CARE but you DO. If you took time to think, believe in something, either there is a creator or there is NOT a creator.

Because when we think of the impossible question ‘How did life begin?’ .. we have only our limited intelligence to answer. The real answer is we can never work out the HOW…. It is a mystery..But we do know that God created humans and animals instantly fully formed in male and female form. That’s every creature on the planet. Because when we really study the Word with the presence of Jesus it is clearly revealed to us and some (because of the strength of the world) resist this and try to use human logic and reason to make a compromise

How do we really know the truth as Christians?… Because when we accept Jesus into our heart as our Lord and Saviour and fully surrender to him that inbuilt belief function is immediately and TOTALLY satisfied, bringing a huge sense of peace, and hope into our lives beyond our understanding. From there we develop a relationship with Jesus / God ..

When we have Jesus in our hearts His word reveals MORE meaning and understanding in ways that a non believer cannot see, sense or understand… and the word actually seems totally foreign and in many cases absurd (as with me before) . Since to understand it takes not only our logical human brain but also the presence of God in our hearts  (our spiritual sense fully awakened by the resurrected spirit of Jesus) THEN AND ONLY THEN will the word clearly reveal the TRUTH and all the answers to us. This is confirmed in our hearts too. If we don’t believe all what the Bible reveals and especially that God created all things then we cannot be Christians .. it is fundamental to our faith and to the Original Sin.

In other words there is absolutely no room for evolution in Christianity.

Some Christians try to rationalise or compromise,  to try to fit in a little with the evolution theory that has been drilled into us since kinder Garden. The devil has done a good job at rocking the foundation of our belief, of halting believers from the get go. In a survey amongst young people in developed nations the MAIN reason for NOT considering Christianity is non belief in the very first few words in Genesis.. “If they cannot believe the first few words then how can they even begin to believe in ANY of, or the rest of it’s contents.

On the other side of the coin, many have come to believe when the truth of creation has been revealed to them.

God’s creativity is revealed through Nature. It is EXTRAORDINARY!

We were created in His image and so by ‘nature’ we are creative beings… Everyone of us. Some have just discovered their particular area of genius while others take longer.

Some never discover their creative gifts as they have convinced themselves that they have little or no creativity in them. This is sad because most find that their ‘purpose in life’

is very much attached to their particular area of creativity.

So my advice to all is to surrender to God and allow your creativity to shine. You may be surprised.


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