creative trash

Treasure made from Plastic Trash

How is Your ‘Trash’ Footprint?

The current environmental friendly trend demands that
we be creative in managing our trash.
What we recycle and what we can re-use, maybe for a
completely different purpose.

My wife is is a fanatic on reducing our ‘trash-
footprint’ so yes, our house is full of ‘useful’
trash lying around waiting for the day that we think
of a way of using if for a useful purpose.

These are some of the things that get re-used:

  1. All plastic bags are reused for trash bags – or
    for making fashionable carrier bags, beach bags,
    hand bags etc (see picture above)

    creative trash

    old yogurt containers

  2. ANY food or drink containers get used for holding anything..
    such as desk top stationary, phones, business cards, other
    foods for storage.
  3. All cling wrap is washed, dried and reused. We
    have NEVER bought any of the expensive rolls of
    cling wrap. (saved a fortune)
  4. All used writing paper , note paper torn into
    small pieces and used to pick up or clean up, food
    spillages, gecko poop (lots of it in Bali), drink
    spillage etc.
  5. creative trash

    segments from biscuit packaging

    Biscuit plastic compartments found in many biscuit packaging are washed and dried and used for
    business card holders.

  6. All glass bottles re-used for ketchup and other
    similar re-fill food stuff for storage.
  7. Old coat steel coat hangers cut into
    small lengths, re-shaped and used for hooks to hang anything and everything.
  8. Toilet roll tubes used to hold and store phone
    chargers and other electric accessories.
  9. All food wraps / foil get reused for any half used food / fresh or cooked to store in ref.
  10. Old Motor cycle inner tubes cut into strips
    lengthwise tied end to end to make a great strap
    system for holding / transporting luggage or boxes
    on the back of the bike.

Show us what you got in comments below:

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