How Kids and Scientists Become Successful

creative scienceIt all started with a bang.. or did it?

The Bible says we were created in God’s image.

Now that is good news. Why?

Just look around you in nature.

What do you see?
The ultimate in creativity.

Just look at how the leaves on a branch form perfectly so that they maximise the area of the leaf available for sun exposure.. Their life blood.
They sprout from the stem or branch in a formation such that they don’t get in each others way.

Look at the weird and wonderful sea creatures…

Or just take an ant, a flower, a fly… in fact take anything and if you study it in depth you will be flabbergasted at the creativity of it all.

Writer’s Blockcreative

Now let’s discuss how we as humans can tap into our own creativity because it’s not always there. Ever heard of ‘writer’s block”?
This is when the creative juices of the writer are not flowing.. all dried up.

Stress and being overwhelmed will block creative thoughts.

It has been shown that we are at our creative best when our brain is in alpha mode. This normally happens when in a calm and relaxed state such as when in meditation. Many people experience this state when in the shower or at the point of waking or falling asleep. Suddenly things forgotten come to mind or a great idea is sparked off.

I know people who take waterproof note pads in the shower with them to jot down ideas that spring up from nowhere… which would normally have been forgotten when stepping out of the shower.

Being creative or developing creativity has been shown to be the differentiation between a brilliant scientist compared with an average scientist. Check out this article: here
It seems the ‘Arts and Crafts’ do make a difference to the seemingly ‘non-artistic’ professions.

It has been a well quoted phrase in the last 15 years ever since the launch of the movie “The Secret”. “Whatever you can imagine you can manifest”

The link between what we think and our reality has become virtually common knowledge.

We can almost imagine ourselves to success.

Where kids find Variety and Certainty together

It is well known that as a child we are at one of our most creative times of our lives.

Children find certainty and are in there ‘comfort zone’ when at play or when they in the midst of ‘variety’. Their creative juices are through the roof and they can make up an amazing make believe world without the use of props.

What helps kids or at least gives them room for their creativeness to run wild is a no stress, no worry environment.
Unfortunately kid’s freedom has declined in recent years and consequently so has their creativity.

We must be free from worry stress to allow creativity. However some forms of stress can evoke creativity in certain areas.

There are certain artists out there who deliberately put themselves into specific stressful environments like extreme heat or cold .. just to evoke a certain bias of their creative thinking… Interesting.

So, to close.. take a note pad to bed so that when you have that breakthrough thought just at the time you are about to drop off you can quickly jot it down before entering into slumber land.

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