5 Creative Rainy Day Ideas for Kids

We’ve all been there… you had a great day out planned with the kids but suddenly the heavens open and you’re left stuck at home with nothing to do.

Rainy Days

Rainy Days

While it might be tempting to just put on a string of DVDs to get you all through the day, there are plenty of fun creative projects you can encourage your kids to do using things you have lying around the house.

Making something creative will keep your children actively engaged and give them a sense of achievement at the end of the day, so here are some ideas to get you started. Continue reading

The Portmanteau:

The Portmanteau: Creativity With Words

When you think about creativity with words, I expect it’s things like poems, songs, and even jokes that spring to mind. But have you ever noticed that in the English language, we get pretty creative with the words themselves?

I’m talking about portmanteau words – words we create by squishing two (or occasionally more) existing words together.

Take, for example, brunch.  It’s no secret that this combines the words breakfast and lunch to create a term that refers to a meal eaten between these two times. Brunch first appeared in print over 100 years ago in an 1896 edition of Punch magazine, so this is a by no means a modern phenomenon.

A local dentist clinic in Bali (Bali Dentist (at Rejuvie) ) recently promoted their smile makeover as smile-icious,  meaning a delicious or beautiful smile. Continue reading

God – The ultimate Creator

Only Humans can be Pro-Active…

All other animals are Reactive as is in their nature. Sometimes they SEEM to be pro-active but actually they are being RE-ACTIVE to their genetic code, their instinct, their make-up. They are NOT consciously making choices like humans make conscious choices. Yes they are awake but it is instinct that really drives their decisions (choices) .. It is instinct that is driving them whereas Humans can make a clear CHOICE based on what HIS own INDEPENDENT desire are. It is his own WILL that drives him (free of instinct or genetic build up)

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creative trash

Treasure made from Plastic Trash

How is Your ‘Trash’ Footprint?

The current environmental friendly trend demands that
we be creative in managing our trash.
What we recycle and what we can re-use, maybe for a
completely different purpose.

My wife is is a fanatic on reducing our ‘trash- Continue reading

How Kids and Scientists Become Successful

creative scienceIt all started with a bang.. or did it?

The Bible says we were created in God’s image.

Now that is good news. Why?

Just look around you in nature.

What do you see?
The ultimate in creativity.

Just look at how the leaves on a branch form perfectly so that they maximise the area of the leaf available for sun exposure.. Their life blood. Continue reading

Tattoo Creative

Top FIVE Artistic Tattoos

Now why have i picked this as my first post about creativity on this site?

Well it’s not because i am a tattoo junkie (i don’t have any).. BUT i HAVE witnessed many a tattoo and i am blown away by the talent of some of these tattoo artists.

I mean what they do with their cutting tools and are able to put on the canvass of human skin is way better than many top artists can do on the normal painters canvass.

Just take a look at the intricacy of these five:

1. Wooden carved leg –  my personal favourite: tattoo





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